About Dr. Wnek

photograph by  YAN PHOTOGRAPHY

photograph by YAN PHOTOGRAPHY

Chris grew up with his two parents and younger brother in Harpswell. As an honors student at Mount Aarart High School, he and a few friends would wear aesthetically displeasing shirts and ties on occasion, for fun. He was an avid mountain biker and kayaker as he attended college at Colby College, where he met his wife studying for a Chemistry exam. Sparks flew! During college he took a jaunt to study abroad in Cork, Ireland. After working for 5 years at The Jackson Laboratory performing overies transplants in mice on Mount Desert Island, and finally going to the dentist, he attended Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, with some mighty clean teeth or course! Turns out, that dentist he saw is on the faculty at Tufts, and recommended him for the program. Excitingly, he was admitted to the Omicron Delta Upsilon national dental honor society. Oooh! After graduating, Chris practiced at Pleasant Street Dental with Dr. David Taft before buying Freeport Dental from the retiring Dr. Jonathan Strout. He holds active memberships in the American Dental Association, the Maine Dental Association, the Merrymeeting Bay Dental Society, and the Casco Bay Study Club.

He is married to photographer Cate Wnek, and is a father to two boisterous boys. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, designing kites (heck yeah!), learning electric guitar, watching his sons’ soccer games, reading on the hammock, and unwinding on the PS4 for a bit or two, or three!