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I hear my wife, saying again, "It's time to schedule a dental cleaning." How long has it been, I wondered? Two years? Three? It's not so easy to take time away from a busy work schedule. And then there is the embarrassment of having let it go for so long.
Flash forward . . . How was your appointment she asked? "Good," I replied, as I carried a fresh supply of mouthwash, floss and a new toothbrush. I then added, "I think I am going to apply to dental school!" Isn't it funny how a single phone call or experience can make all the difference in our lives?
At Freeport Dental, we encourage you to come see us, no matter how long it's been. We've all gone too long ourselves. It happens. Even putting off a haircut or physical. But afterwards, there is the reward of feeling like you have accomplished something. And, you might be happier to show your teeth when you smile. 
A healthy mouth is good for your body. There is now more than one reason to brush, floss, and make regular visits to your hygienist: you may be warding off medical disorders or other serious health problems such as heart attack and stroke. It is especially important if you are pregnant.
The case for making regular visits to your Dentist keeps getting stronger as the connections continue to be made between our oral and general health. As it says in Dr. Seuss' The Tooth Book, "That's all the teeth you'll ever get . . . . so don't chew down trees . . . don't gobble junk . . . They sure are handy when you smile. So keep your teeth around a while."
Chris Wnek, D.M.D.






Regular cleanings and examinations are recommended for all patients. A professional cleaning removes plaque and tarter deposits that cannot be removed by brushing and flossing alone. Flouride treatment is the most effective way to lower our risk for tooth decay. A range of over the counter and prescription products intended for use either at home or in a dental office setting allows us to tailor a regimen that ideally suits your needs. Yes, even if you haven't had a cleaning in over two year, it's never too late to treat your teeth. 


We restore decayed or broken teeth with esthetic, tooth-colored materials whenever possible. This can be done with composite resin if a tooth is sound and healthy enough to support a simple, direct filling, or with laboratory-fabricated ceramics when greater strength and protection is needed. Gold alloy materials are still the best choice in certain clinical situations, and a durable tooth-colored porcelain outer surface can be fused to a gold core for idealized durability and esthetics. 

Implant dentistry

Dental implants have greatly improved our ability to replace a missing tooth. Like natural teeth, they are supported by the jaw bones, and therefore do not place additional stress on adjacent teeth. A dental implant-based restoration can also be more predictable in the long term compared to a natural tooth that has undergone extensive treatment. 

partial and complete dentures

Removable dental appliances are often the most practical treatment option to address missing or hopeless teeth. We can provide you with an expertly fitted partial or complete denture to improve both function and esthetics.   


As we age, our teeth darken over time. We can fit you with a custom whitening tray and professional treatment that is far more effective than any of those found over the counter. We can also counsel you on what foods and beverages to avoid to help keep future whitening services to a minimum. 

mouth guards

Clenching and grinding can greatly accelerate tooth wear, and the excess strain on the powerful muscles that affect the position of our lower jaw can become a source of severe pain. While these problems can often be addressed through habit modification alone, many patients benefit from using an acrylic nightguard. These appliances prevent the aggressive overnight tooth-on-tooth wear that occurs in some patients and can often help to calm overactive jaw muscles. A boil-and-fit over the counter guard may protect your teeth, but they can also exacerbate muscle and joint problems.

Sports mouth guards offer the highest level of protection during sports activities such as soccer, football, lacrosse and hockey, to name a few. When worn properly, they can prevent dental trauma, such as fractured teeth. Custom mouth guards made by a dentist provide superior fit, retention and durability compared to the over the counter boil-and-bite mouth guards.

Have you been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea? The condition can often be treated effectively through the use of a simple dental appliance. We would be happy to work with your physician by fitting you with one if you meet these criteria.


dental emergencies

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, you should go to the nearest hospital emergency room or contact your local EMS provider immediately. If you have broken, displaced, or knocked out a tooth, or have suffered a mouth injury, we are here to help! Please call 865-3934 anytime, and we will be happy to assist you.


Dr Wnek is an excellent dentist. I’ve been going to him since he came to Freeport. His work is so good, holds up over time, and he is always concerned with my comfort. Recently he made time to see my relative from out of town on a day’s notice and resolved his situation successfully. So much so that my relative could continue his 2 week visit in Maine in comfort. I highly recommend Dr. Wnek.
— Lucy W.


about dr. wnek


Chris grew up with his two parents and younger brother in Harpswell. As an honors student at Mount Aarart High School, he and a few friends would wear aesthetically displeasing shirts and ties on occasion, for fun. He was an avid mountain biker and kayaker as he attended college at Colby College, where he met his wife studying for a Chemistry exam. Sparks flew! 

photograph by  YAN PHOTOGRAPHY

photograph by YAN PHOTOGRAPHY

During college he took a jaunt to study abroad in Cork, Ireland. After working for 5 years at The Jackson Laboratory performing overian transplants in mice on Mount Desert Island, and finally going to the dentist, he attended Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, with some mighty clean teeth or course! Turns out, that dentist he saw is on the faculty at Tufts, and recommended him for the program. Excitingly, he was admitted to the Omicron Delta Upsilon national dental honor society.

After graduating, Chris practiced at Pleasant Street Dental with Dr. David Taft before buying Freeport Dental from the retiring Dr. Jonathan Strout. He holds active memberships in the American Dental Association, the Maine Dental Association, the Merrymeeting Bay Dental Society, and the Casco Bay Study Club.

His lovely wife is photographer Cate Wnek. He is a father to two boisterous boys. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, designing and building kites, learning electric guitar, watching his sons’ soccer games, reading on the hammock, and unwinding on the PS4.






Staff are the stuff: here, they make you smile and leave you looking and feeling better than when you came. And, they understand when you haven't had enough time to floss; they have busy lives too. But beyond all that, they empower you with new energy to take better care of your teeth, for whole body health and well-being. It's the most important thing that we can do for ourselves, respect our bodies and our teeth, for happier meals and brighter smiles all around. Donna, Gina, Maria and Torey strive for excellence in their respective roles at the practice. They are all friendly, enthusiastic and love laughing.

Maria (Dental Hygienest), Gina (Dental Assistant), Torey (Dental Hygienest)

Maria (Dental Hygienest), Gina (Dental Assistant), Torey (Dental Hygienest)

Gina, Dental Assistant, has over 10 years of experience and has been with the practice since 2012. A mother living in Bath, she loves traveling and recently visited Italy. 

Maria, Dental Hygienist, completed her Bachelor's degree at the University of New England in 2010, where she now teaches as a clinical instructor. From Westbrook, she is recently married and is expecting her first child. She loves spending time with her family and enjoys summers on Sebago Lake. 

Torey, Dental Hygienist, a graduate of University Maine - Augusta, has been a Hygienist for 11 years and has been with the practice since 2014. A wife and mother, she spends her free time enjoying the beach, biking, and taking her son to the park. 




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