it starts with an appointment

I hear my wife, saying again, "It's time to schedule a dental cleaning." How long has it been, I wondered? Two years? Three? It's so easy to take time away from a busy work schedule. And then there is the embarrassment of having left for so long.

Flash forward . . . How was your appointment she asked? "Good," I replied, as I carried a fresh supply of mouthwash, floss and a new toothbrush. I then added, "I think I am going to apply to dental school!" Isn't it funny how a single phone call or experience can make all the difference in our lives?

At Freeport Dental, we encourage you to come see us, no matter how long it's been. We've all gone too long ourselves. It happens. Even putting off a haircut or physical. But afterwards, there is the reward of feeling like you have accomplished something. And, you might be happier to show your teeth when you smile. 

A healthy mouth is good for your body. There is now more than one reason to brush, floss, and make regular visits to your hygienist: you may be warding off medical disorders or other serious health problems such as heart attack and stroke. . It is especially important if you are pregnant.

The case for making regular visits to your Dentist keeps getting stronger as the connections continue to be made between our oral and general health. As it says in Dr. Seuss' The Tooth Book, "That's all the teeth you'll ever get . . . . so don't chew down trees . . . don't gobble junk . . . They sure are handy when you smile. So keep your teeth around a while."

Chris Wnek, D.M.D.